About me

I am a split personality. At least on the Internet, because you can find me under different names. My real name is of course always mentioned in the imprint. That’s the law, I have to stick to it. But I am also on the road as “Kieler Jung”. For German-speaking readers, it is of course immediately apparent that this is someone who is at home in the beautiful northern German city of Kiel. On Facebook and Google, “Kieler” is seen as my first name and so I am also addressed when I receive notifications. I got used to it. I also blog in English and therefore had to think about something else. Google translates “Kieler Jung” into “Young Kiel”. Sounds stupid, just like “Kiel Boy”. So what to do?

I have to go back a little. When the city of Kiel was founded in the 13th century, it was called “Holstenstadt tom Kyle”, which means “Holsteinstadt an der Förde”. Because of course, it is much too long, if you were asked about the origin, you made it shorter to “tom Kyle” and even shorter to today’s Kiel. So what could be more obvious than to make a medieval “Tom Kyler” out of Kieler Jung? And so it was born, my English speaking alter ego. “Tom Kyler” is something like “New Yorker”, only I don’t live in New York but in Kiel …

So much for my names. Like many others, I have to earn my living by working, I am on the road as a technician in telecommunications. I only write, film, and take pictures as a hobby, so I can devote very little time to my blogs and YouTube channels. However, I am already preparing for the time after my professional life and I can’t wait to do the things I want to do. Well, not exactly, because I rely on a little extra income to be able to afford a few little extras. I want to achieve this with affiliate programs and YouTube clicks. To put it bluntly: The purpose of my blogs and social media activities is self-marketing.

The topics are divided so that it does not become a confusing helter-skelter show.

There are corresponding YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest accounts for almost all blogs. Keeping all of this up to date is a full-time job. The good thing is, I can do it from anywhere in the world and schedule my time. I’m at the beginning and I’m building up the whole story. The future will show whether the time spent is worth it. Maybe I will have to part with one or the other thing, time will tell. In any case, I try very hard not to bore the readers and viewers.

Kiel, in July 2020