Dacia Dokker Minicamper #2

After two weeks of vacation with the tent, there was still one week left to continue tinkering with the Dacia Dokker mini camper. The work to be done was anything but motivating. Cut even more threads, drill holes and countersink. Even during my apprenticeship, where back then, as with all commercial and technical professions, basic training in metal processing with filing, sawing, and drilling, etc. was on the program, I knew that this was not mine. After all, I’m a telecommunications technician and my standard tool is a screwdriver. But of course, it didn’t hurt. Maybe when I was fifteen I just didn’t feel like it.

So far, so good…

I made very good progress in this last week of vacation, as can be seen in the picture. The individual segments are ready so far and I have tried them on in the Dokker. Complete with refrigerator, stove and kitchen box. A so-called “dressed rehearsal”. Everything fits so far, we just have to push the seats forward a little, which my wife rightly criticized. This could be a little tiring on long journeys. As a result, I decided to reduce the overall length by one centimeter and the total height by three centimeters, hoping to get some more room for the seats.


We ordered the upholstery from schaumstofflager.de. I don’t link this company on purpose because I absolutely cannot recommend it. The delivery time is extremely long. Well, you can talk yourself out of it with Corona. We just wanted to go on vacation and several large pieces with 8 cm cold foam result in a larger package, which should not necessarily be at the door for two weeks. So we wrote a friendly email to this company with the note that we have not been there for two weeks. And the answer came promptly with the literal hint:

ATTENTION: We will not read your email. Therefore, please check the following first: Have you ordered 1. stock items or 2. custom-made products (listed below). If you find that your delivery time is exceeded, please send a request to the email address, which you can find below in this letter.

And of course, the package was delivered on our first day of vacation. A friendly neighbor who had our apartment keys was happily present and put the package in our house. But that’s not why I’m being upset. Seven of the eight parts ordered were delivered. And of the seven, two were the dimensions I ordered. I’m not talking about acceptable tolerance, but two centimeters.

I have ordered 3 pieces of 72 cm. Two of them were only 70cm

Of course, I complained. Whereupon photos were requested. Sure, I have nothing else to do. Then the nice lady (everything via email, no one answers the phone) assured me that she would now direct it to the manufacturing department, where it will be checked. I want to be patient. Now I have been patient for a few days and nothing happens. Schaumstofflager.de? Thanks, but no thanks!

Part one of the DIY series

Anyway, I’m still waiting for the shorter aluminum profiles to make the changes mentioned above. Then there is the flooring and the electronics and lots of small details. Maybe by autumn, we’ll make it so far that we can take a little weekend test drive with an overnight stay in the mini camper. Thank you for reading and see you soon .-)

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