Dacia Dokker Minicamper DIY #3

In this year 2020 everything was different and nothing went as planned. The expansion of our Dacia Dokker to a mini camper was also delayed. Once through Corona, then through painful lumbago, then again through incorrectly delivered material. And finally, we installed a parking heater, which was not planned from the start. Now at the end of the year, the expansion is largely finished, only that we cannot test it as planned due to all the delays, it hurts a little. We are also worried about when we will be able to travel again, as we had planned.

Dokker bedroom

The lying area with the cushions is now ready for use, as are the window shades, which are also supposed to insulate a little at the same time. There are still small changes in the details of the expansion, but describing everything in words would go beyond the scope. The best way to see it all is on our Youtube channel.

Watch the Dokker Minicamer on Youtube

On the outsidea we have made a rain cover. We stole the basic idea from somewhere on the net and my wife then sewed it together. The “shower cabin” at the back of the car, however, is her own creation.

Shower cabin
Window rain shelter

We would then be ready for a camping weekend to test. And in the summer / late summer there should be a bigger tour. It’s just a shame that nothing can be planned at the moment. And we also want to shoot an extensive room tour for the YouTube channel and present our expansion in all its epic beauty. We had already started once, but had to stop filming due to stormy winds. The sound of the film had suffered badly.


MAGIX Video Pro X

We hardly can wait to report on our ventures here and on YouTube. If you have any questions about the expansion, please write a comment. Of course, our expansion is a little more complex than the usual three wooden boxes. But it offers a lot of advantages because, among other things, we did not close the sliding doors on our Dokker. In contrast to the screwed-together construction, the complete expansion can be removed in a few simple steps and the car can be restored to its original condition. And just as quickly the Dokker turns into a mini camper again. And it was worth the extra effort.

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