Plan B

It is like it is. Thanks to Corona, the world is holding its breath, almost everything has come to a stop. For many, rethinking is the order of the day. For us too. Although the completely planned but a ruined vacation to the USA hurts and we probably won’t see much of the money back for the tickets we paid, almost 2000 Euros. But at least I still have my job. Still. It’s just messing around and I’m spending more time at home than on the road. And except for Lufthansa, we were able to cancel everything, even the parking lot at Hamburg Airport paid us back everything except for a small cancellation fee. Current SituationLufthansa: As booked via check24 and tried to cancel there, they wanted to reimburse us 119 Euros per person. Inquiries online with Lufthansa directly were pointless. In response to our written request came an email that they will contact us. Sometime. But compared to others, these are rather luxury problems.

What worries me more is how things are going in the future. Whether it continues at all and if so, how? In its divine wisdom, the Federal Government of Germany has completely driven the economy up against the wall and is now printing money as if there were no tomorrow. The Federal Government is concerned about our physical well-being and our health. All of a sudden? Where’s the Federal Government when glyphosate is sprayed onto our food? They do nothing when our entire immune system is jeopardized by chickens stuffed with antibiotics. Sugar? Tobacco? Alcohol? Rotten meat? Our Federal Government has so far paid little or no attention to all of this. So why now? The lobby interests have always been above our health and will continue to do so. We just don’t see it yet. If the “pandemic” hurts everyone else, the rulers won’t get hurt. See surveys.

I will not wait and see. I had time to think now. This works quite well when the hamster wheel suddenly stops. I have spent my whole life turning this hamster wheel for the supposed security of an income. Just to get by. But the pension is approaching. It will happen in a few years. Meaning I have to tighten the belt a bit more. And now Corona. It is like a fire accelerator that additionally fuels my worries. No, I will not stand by and watch our dreams vanish into smoke. Our dreams of travel and adventure, of time for each other, of a fear-free life. And my dream to use my creativity for me instead of wasting it senselessly in the hamster wheel. The time has come. Time for my social media empire 😛

So I’m going to do something now. I write, blog, compose, photograph, film, learn, teach, make music, philosophize, realize, and influence. Nothing new except for the last one. Because that’s public. And that’s a big difference. I started blogging to keep those at home up-to-date about where we are and what we were doing during our 2020 trip to the USA. I never intended to do anything else with it. But I just registered my blog with WordAds and that is now the direction. I would like to earn a few cents on social media channels. Facebook, Youtube, WordPress, and Instagram. Lots of new territory for me. Of course, I kind of know it all, but do I know how it works? No. There is still a lot to learn.

Lets do it…

I’m not kidding myself. All of this is also connected with work because I’m starting from scratch. Zero subscribers, zero followers, zero likes. Zero plan? Honestly, the plan is not yet complete and never will be. I take the liberty of making mistakes and learning from them, turning the knobs and, if necessary, changing direction. Until I found my niche. Our first project, which we bring to the public, is the buildup of a Dacia Dokker to a mini camper. I am not the first one doing this, I know. But the way I do it is new. A lot is different, precisely because I have seen others how I do NOT want to do it. My buildup should also be understandable for those who are not so gifted in terms of craftsmanship. And flexible. Stay tuned and you will see it!

You can expect DIY instructions on my youtube – channel on this and other topics, such as from my work in the studio. Because I want to do all the background music myself. When the Dokker is finished, there are travel reports. There are daily updates on Instagram and Facebook and I have decided to blog at least once a week because this is where the focus of our activities will be. Our outdoor activities also include an almost 1,000 square meter self-catering garden, from which there are also many interesting things to report and experiences to share. So it’s a lot more than converting a car into a camper. Rather, it is about a way of life and that can perhaps be summed up in one way: It does not take a large budget to travel to many countries and explore the world. It takes courage, imagination, and the will to leave the hamster cage and to fight for as much freedom as possible. Especially in the head.

It wouldn’t be bad if I became the next youtube millionaire. But it is enough for me if I can create a social media foothold within four years that will secure me an additional three-digit monthly income that I can take care of on the go. I know that followers want to be constantly entertained. But maybe I will also win customers who benefit from what I can do. When I started working, there was no Facebook or anything else. I would have liked to have had the opportunities today. Maybe the FFF girlies will think about it the next time they hop around with their smartphones. And who they owe these opportunities to. But it’s not too late. Sixty isn’t an age to get started. In four years I want to have over a thousand real (!) Subscribers on youtube and followers on Facebook and Instagram should also have four digits. If you still have an idea of how to generate a small income, please leave a comment. Thank you for your support.

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