Wild camping in a small van

Wild camping
The Boondokker crew

Wild camping in a small van as an inexpensive and individual alternative? Are you not swimming in money? We neither. Nevertheless, we want to travel inexpensively and, above all, individually. There is a way. Convert a small van into a mini camper. With one of these, we want to tour all over Europe in the next few years. We will report on it here. But not only that. Sometimes it just made sense to fly to our destination, be it to save time or simply because our Dacia Dokker (Boondokker) cannot swim. But that is by no means a reason not to tell about these trips. After all, it was our 2018 USA road trip that made traveling in our own vehicle appealing. Or if you only have a week to see the Northern Lights, then you don’t waste a week not driving.

But by and large, the Boondokker will play the main role in the next few years as we explore the borders of Europe. Several tours are planned, including one along the Atlantic coast, an Alpine route, Scandinavia anyway, the Baltic States and also destinations in Germany. You can follow us along here or on our social media channels YouTube and Instagram.

Wild camping in Germany

Wild camping is generally prohibited in Germany. Camping is only allowed on campsites. You can’t even pitch a tent anywhere in the wild. But there is one exception: the so-called “restoring your driving ability”. But that is not a carte blanche according to which you can stand wherever it occurs to you. You may have to justify the need and if you have lost your driving ability through alcohol consumption, there can be problems. And nothing should give rise to camping. No chair in front of the car, no awning extended, nothing. Otherwise you risk a fine and, depending on the amount, a campsite might have been the better alternative. But that’s exactly what we want: to restore our driving ability after a long day in the car. And the next morning we leave the place as if we had never been there.

Why Boondokker?

In the USA, “boondocking” with “ck” is the term used to describe free standing, away from campsites, derived from “boondocks”, which means something like “remote”. Since we plan to do exactly that, namely to “stand free” as often as possible, which not only protects the travel budget but also gives us a feeling of freedom, we have converted the Dacia Dokker into a Boondokker. We – by the way, that’s my wife and me.

The latest information on how a small van can be turned into a mini camper or ongoing improvements can be found on the blog page. Product suggestions and reviews can also be found here. There is a YouTube channel corresponding to this blog, in which, for example, the expansion in the film is described. But because the story is quickly told with the expansion, there are of course videos of our short trips and trips. However, we are not self-promoters and do not constantly walk through the area with a selfie stick, but rather we want to give our viewers and readers an impression of where we are, what seems to us to be newsworthy and thus offer added value in information. What we had for breakfast and how we slept is not so important to us now to make a YouTube film about it. But don’t worry, there are enough channels on Youtube that offer just that. But we don’t.

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